When it comes to the selection of the Christmas menus, the desserts are one of the most important items. Hence, with just a few days for the Christmas to arrive, it will make sense to discuss a few desserts recipes that you can include within the Christmas menu.

Savory Chicks

Speaking for the Danish, they can hardly think of the Christmas cuisine without this delightful dessert.  Though the preparation takes a bit longer time, the delicious taste will be the right dividend for the efforts and time that you will invest to prepare this dessert. This is a conventional rice pudding from Denmark that includes almonds, nuts, and lots of cream, making it the foods for Gods.

Steamed Pudding

This is the first choice among the English men as the Christmas dessert. This is one of the traditional dessert recipes for Christmas in the United Kingdom. The mix of eggs, creams, lemons, and lots of chocolates make this stuff truly relishing. This is one such recipe that makes the residents of the United Kingdom go a week on their knees.


While discussing the most delicious dessert recipes for the Christmas, you are ought to give a special mention to this Austrian preparation. Conventionally made with fruit and chocolate fillings, stuffed between 2 cookies, it is a double profit for your taste buds.  To act as the icing on the cake, the dessert gets coated with powdered sugar.

Yule log Cake

This is one such recipe for the Christmas that makes the celebration all the more vibrant and exotic. This dessert is one of the traditional desserts from France and in contemporary times, it had been adopted by people across the globe.  The butter and chocolate filling within sponge cake will treat your taste buds in the most passionate style.

Fig Pudding

The combination of chopped Figs, nuts, and raisins makes this dessert a cherished recipe to celebrate the Christmas.  The red cherry on the cake, in this case, is the frosting made with powdered sugar, brandy,  and butter.  This is one such recipe that will make the Christmas celebration literary sweet.

Vanilla Cookies

A traditional recipe from Germany, this is one of the top choices of the German people as a choice of desserts. These cookies come in a crescent-shaped and come with a coating of powdered sugar.

Butter Cookies

In the United States and Mexico, this is one of the top choices as a dessert recipe. This is extremely delicious, yet a minimalist recipe to cook. Coming with lots of butter, this dessert is truly worthy to include in the Christmas special menu.

The options suggested above are popular across the globe for their exotic taste. These recipes are simple to prepare and promise you a fine dining experience. Most importantly, these recipes are cherished uniformly and hence, you will not have troubles matching choices of your family members to your guests.  Go for these recipes with confidence and you can stand assured that you will not have to regret your selection.