Cookies are such delicacies that not only pamper the taste buds but are a delight to the eyes. It is hard to think about the Christmas celebration without including some exquisite candies in the festive menu. With just a few days to go for the Christmas, the paragraphs underneath will bring you a collection of the best cookies from different corners of the world.

Italian Sprinkle Cookies 

Italians lead the world in various perspectives of which the culinary culture is one. The Christmas cookies from Italy are dominated by the Sprinkle Cookies that equally delights the eyes and the taste buds. This is a recipe that is popular across all corners of the globe.

Gingerbread Cookies

This recipe from Sweden has been a traditional recipe for the Christmas in the Swedish homes. This is a preparation that proves that culinary is an artistic pursuit. The recipe turns all the more exquisite with the aroma and flavor of ginger.


This is a recipe from Netherlands that features some wonderful shapes and treats the taste buds in heavenly delicacy. In the majority of the cases, these cookies are shaped as the Christmas trees, stars, or Santa Clause, making it perfect for the Christmas ambiance.

Glazed Pfeffernuesse

This German Cookie has been a traditional recipe in Germany and the Germans go week to their knees as these cookies arrive at the table. As it is easy to preserve these cookies for the longest span of time, Germans prepare these cookies for relishing it throughout the vacation time.


In the US families, the Christmas culinary gets dominated by these cookies. Combining a great deal of fruits, chocolate, and added flavors, this is truly a heavenly recipe to try on the auspicious event of Christmas.

Finnish Pinwheels

A Finnish recipe, these cookies will win your heart just with a single bite. A minimalist preparation reaps the most delightful return for the efforts you put to prepare this cookie.

Mexican Cakes

A chocolaty and spicy recipe to try for the Christmas, the Mexican Cakes will take the Christmas celebration to the next level. Even if the cookies look extravagant, the preparation is minimalist.

French Cookies

The French people have their own tradition for Christmas recipes. The French cookies are one of the prime recipes from that list. Nuts, chocolates, and fruits combine to make this cookie really exquisite.

Grandma’s Cookies

This polish preparation looks minimal but will pamper your taste buds with exquisite taste. The crispy and crunchy cookies will make the Christmas Eve all the more exciting.

Raspberry Cookies

A delicacy from Austria, utilize the richness in Raspberry to extend you one of the best cookies for the Christmas.

The options discussed above offers exceptional delicacy and enable you to make the celebration all the more exciting and vibrant. The time, effort and money that you will invest in the preparation of these cookies will produce the most delightful outcome in return. Try these recipes to make the Christmas celebration a special one and memorable forever.