Christmas is a special holiday, and people all across the globe make delicious meals and treats to help in celebrating the day. In Mexico, they might prepare flans for the holiday. Or, in France, one might eat croissants to help them get into the holiday spirit. There are delicious foods prepared in homes across the globe when Christmas day comes, and you should read on to learn more about these great traditional foods.

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Italians And Austrians Get Delicious Cookies

Those who live in Italy might find their fondest Christmas memory to be that of eating a delicious Amaretti cookie. This cookie is light and has an airy quality to it. The cookie is made with almonds and with Amaretti liquor, which it gets its name from. In Austria, those who are celebrating might find pinwheel cookies on the table. There are many delicious varieties of this cookie, and one classic is a buttery cookie with raspberry preserves in the center. The swirled design of the cookie is elegant and the taste is great.

Germans Get A Delicious Plum Roll

Those who are celebrating Christmas in Germany might find a delicious plum roll at the table. It is a pastry that is filled with the delicious fruit, and it has a delicious glaze on top. It is the perfect hearty holiday treat.

The French Have A Variety Of Great Desserts

The French will have cookies and pastries for Christmas day. There are many delicious desserts for them to pick from when it comes to the traditional holiday recipes. From Madeleine cookies to a delicious fruit galette, they will have their stomachs full.

Mexico Has Pudding And More

There are many desserts that Mexicans enjoy around Christmas, and one of the most delicious and hearty-looking desserts is their Caballeros Ricos, which is a bread pudding that is made with almonds and a delicious cinnamon syrup. They also make cookies and many other delicious and flavorful treats at Christmastime.

So, no matter where one comes from they will find delicious and hearty Christmas desserts to help them enjoy the season. They can travel across the globe to tase some of the delicious treats that others make for this holiday. Cookies, pastries, and more are traditional, depending on the region. Each country in Europe has its own spin on Christmas treats, as well as Mexico and more. These countries make desserts that are not only festive, but that also bring families closer together as they prepare them in the kitchen and then sit down at the table and eat them together.

For many, the holiday wouldn’t be the same without all of these delicious treats. When they think of the cookies, pies, and more that they eat at Christmastime their hearts are warmed and they are excited to pass down these traditions for generations to come. Christmas is a special time of year, and the foods that are eaten around the globe at that time of year make it all the more special and exciting.