What Christmas Dinner Looks Like Around The World?

What Christmas Dinner Looks Like Around The World?

There is a great variance in the culture of human beings. However, a unifying factor across the human race is the undying love to stuff our faces until we live in an incapacitated capacity as we snivel on the floor. The Christmas season is an occasion that is aimed at recognizing the savior of Christians who just to feed or overfeed in the world over so as to show how much food they can consume. These foods range from the egg-nog that is said to originate from Puerto Rico to the Portuguese broken king cake. They present an unbelievable blend of the rich diverse culture that holds the world together as we gather to celebrate the Christmas season. Once you taste some of these meals, you will be left wondering whether the chef really thought about your love for food.


The Christmas table in the Swedish set up is just more than you can imagine. The julbord made in Sweden is a ham for the Christmas that has a blend of eggs that have been boiled, mustard, and breadcrumbs. Once this has been prepared, you will be free to have fun as you enjoy the broth from fatty ham. Moreover, Swedish people add meat that has been cured and smoked and cooked from sweet flavored soup. They take this over glasses of tasty wine.

Puerto Rico

It might be a challenge to have a turkey here but you can sure to find a piece of it prepared on the oven and you will not forget about the tasty turkey. The internationally recognized meal for Christmas in Puerto Rico is the Lechon – which is a roasted version of a suckling pig. This gigantic pig requires more than one person to give it maximum attention so that it is properly cooked. This is because it is placed on the grill from as early as 3 in the morning and it is turned slowly so that is fully cooked.

The culture of Christmas in Puerto Rico also offers some lighter meals such as lemon juices, champagne, orange liqueur, and passion fruit juice among others.


This is a country whose eve of Christmas makes up the bigger chunk of the traditional meals of Christmas. However, the main attraction of the country is the sweet and a host of pastries that are offered.

You will also find that the country offers finhoses which are light balls that have been iced with sugar. Moreover, formigos is another highlight of the nation. This is a special mixture of nuts that is so sweet that you cannot get enough of it. It is made from raisins and some honey making it to taste really sweet.

However, the main highlight of Portugal is none other than the Bolo Rei – a cake made in the version of a king. This is the biggest one speaking linguistically and culinary. It has some fluffy meat and the commemoration of the three wise men is best exhibited by the pattern of the cake. Welcome to Portugal during Christmas.

What’s Eaten For Christmas Dinner Around The World?

What’s Eaten For Christmas Dinner Around The World?

You will not find a lot of variation in Christmasdinner in the country of Britain.However, in Turkey, there are several trimmings that are followed by an array of pudding that rests on your belly in a traditional manner as the speech of the Queen.

However, many people around the globe fold into all manner of bizarre festival fanfare. In most parts of Europe, the main dish is prepared on the 24th of December. You will not see a lot of turkeys facing the knife in these areas. For instance, Poland people flock into hosts of banquets among them Star Supper or Wigilia which feature dishes such as dumplings as well as borscht.

The Christmas Eve of Italians is marked through having less meat. This is because the Feast of the Seven Fishes features delicacies which include fried eel as the main course of the feast. Other meals that are included during the feast are meat and pasta dishes which are prepared from intestines from pigs. Rumor has it that those dine poorly on the eve of Christmas will have demons haunt them in Germany. Therefore, anyone in Germany or any German will work hard to have some kind of sumptuous meals such red cabbage and roast goose.

Some of the best meals that will blow you away are prepared in Iceland. You will note that it will not be a surprise to be served such foods as roasted reindeer or puffin. Some of these meals will lead to other stories with kids since they are excited about the food that you are taking.

However, this menu in Iceland sounds better than most of the meals that are prepared in other areas. Such meals as fermented skate and boiled sweet potatoes are served on the 23rd day of December. It is in this day that meat has been outlawed from the ancient times. The fish that many people take is spicy and many of them choose to take it in restaurants. This is done in order to avoid the smell that fishes give when taken at home.

Another country that has favorite dishes for the festive season of Christmasis Slovakia. Some of the meals served in this country are fried carp, thick sauerkraut soup, and kapustnica. Carp is a favorite in most of the countries in such a manner that most of the families buy it and place it in their homes until the right time to cook it is due. This makes it easy to find turkey here in Slovakia. Another appetizing thing about this region is that desserts are created in accordance with Jesus and His twelve apostles.

In the Far East, Christmas traditions are stranger. In Japan, Christmas is not commemorated as a national holiday since majority of the people are not Christians. However, Japanese love KFC: a Yuletide ritual that they love. This is a campaign that is aimed at convincing the Japanese that Christmas is a global celebration for all Christians. Christmas seasons around the globe are commemorated in unique ways and the dishes are also special.