Even if the tradition of celebrating the Christmas differs from one country to another, the common chord that unites that is the dominance of food in the celebration. Hence, it will be good to explore the culinary culture of different nations to celebrate the Christmas.


The most iconic Christmas delicacy in France is the log cake. In addition, the French people include verities of shortbreads, meats, cakes and desserts in the special day menu.  The Christmas culinary culture in France includes verities of premium wines as well.


The Germans rely more on the sweet taste for celebrating the Christmas. When it comes to Christmas cuisines in Germany, you will see the dominance of pancakes, cookies as well as meats and beers.  Mulled wine is another iconic option from the list of traditional foods and drinks from Germany.

Poland and Lithuania

The charismas recipes in the eastern European nations are majorly vegan or without the meats. However, the absence of meat never deprecates the delicacy. The people of Poland and Lithuania will arrange 12 curse dinners on Christmas as per their culinary tradition for this auspicious day.  In addition, there will be a significant inclusion of verities of fruits.


STRUFFOLI is probably the most iconic food from the list of the traditional Christmas cuisines from Italy. This preparation features lemon zest, combining with nuggets and fried dough. The sprinkle of sugar makes this cuisine all the more delicious. Panettone is another traditional Christmas cuisine in Italy. As for Cookies, the Italians are diehard fans of Amaretti, which is a cookie made with Almond.


The Swedish people celebrate the Christmas with lots of feasting. The menus are majorly the meatballs that rock in combination with the classic wines. Another prime recipe is the Rice pudding that makes the Swedish people going a week on their knees.


The Grecian people celebrate the Christmas in a very religious style and they have their own culinary culture for the Christmas. The prime menu to be served at the Christmas dinner table will be varieties of shortbreads. This recipe features the dominance of nuts and almonds and as the icing on the cake, the preparation features a sugar coating that elevates the delicacy several times.  In addition, Christopsomo, a kind of sweet bread, is another top choice to the Grecians on the holy Christmas Eve. Baklava is another recipe that is the among the most sought-after recipe in Greece on the Christmas Eve


Tea cakes, King Cake, verities of roasted meats, cookies, and premium wines are the major items on Christmas in Russia. In addition, Russians relish verities of cookies and bread on Christmas.

The paragraphs above throws light on the culinary culture of various nations, across the globe. These foods are exceptionally tasty and spice up the celebration with their exquisite taste. Try any of these recipes on Christmas and take the celebration to the next level. Remember, the celebration is incomplete unless you are treating yourself with the best cuisines.