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Steamed Puddings

The good thing with puddings is that you can make them 3 months in advance. Wrap them in a plastic wrap and foil and keep them in a cool, dark place or in the fridge.

Steamed puddings are made by puring the mixed ingredients into a tightly covered mold. It then goes into a pot where the water only comes halfway up the side of the mold. The pudding is then steamed with the heat on low until done.

The mold

The mold will contain the mixture. It's important that it has the correct size so that the pudding doesn't expand out of the mold. Steamed pudding can be cooked in a variety of containers: they can be made of aluminium, steel, glass or cecramic. The pudding will cook slowly in a ceramic mold and faster in a metallic one. Check it 30 minutes before the end of the cooking time.
To prevent the pudding to stick to the basin, apply a thin lay of melted butter and put a circle of baking paper on the bottom.
Some special steamed-pudding molds have decorative sides and bottom. Many molds have a central tube that helps cooking the pudding more evenly.

Steaming the pudding

Fill a large pot with water so that it comes halway up the mold when placed inside. Remove the mold and put the pot of water to boil.
Prepare the mixture according to the recipe and spoon it into the mold. To cover the pudding, prepare a sheet of foil covered with a piece of baking paper and brush it well with melted buttered. Fold a pleat across the foil to allow it to expand. Place it foil side up over the mold and smooth it down the side of the mold. Tie a string around the mold. This will prevent any moisture to go in the pudding and make it soggy.
Make a handle witha nother string so that you can lower it carefully in the boiling water.
Cover the pot and cook according to the recipe instructions. Add more boilding water from time to time to maintain the water level.


Steamed pudding can take up to 3 hours on the stovetop. When the cooking time is up, remove the ^mold carefully using the string handle. Remove the foil and pick a knife in the center. It should come out clean (it may be sticky if you touched a piece of fruit).
If the pudding is not cooked, replace the foil top and cook it until it's done.
Wait 5 minutes and then turn it out of the mold gently. Remove the baking paper.


Fill a large pot with boiling water, place it on the heat and when it comes back to the boil, put a steamer on the top of the pot and turn it down to a gentle simmer. Put the Christmas pudding in the steamer, cover and leave to steam away. Check from time to time and top up the water if needed. 2 hours later, remove the pudding from the steamer, take of paper and foil, slide a knife round the side and turn out on a warmed plate.


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