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Plus additional infos related to Dividers and Rounders and Equipments.

AMF Bakery Systems
Manufactures bakery equipment including dough mixers, conveyors, dividers, rounders, pan systems, slicers, baggers, chunkers, fermentation rooms, pumps and material handling systems.
Naegele, Inc.
Represents Fritsch, VMI, Danish Food Equipment, and Forms & Frys. Specializes in dough laminators, pumps, processors, forming equipment, industrial mixing solutions,. Provides equipment and technical support for building bakery processing lines.
Lucks Food Decorating Company
Lucks Food Equipment manufactures dividers/rounders, ovens, mi. Company has two divisions: Lucks Food Decorating provides the food industry with cake decorations under the names, Edible Image, Dec-ons, Edible Accents, and Edible Image Print-Ons.
Benier U.S.A., Inc.
Products include ovens, (rack, deck and tunnel systems,) spiral cooling/freezing systems, conveyors; proofing rooms, pans, pan storage and retrieval systems. Manufacturer and supplier of baking equipment and dough processing systems.
Peerless Group, The
Composed of four companies: Peerless Dough Mixing and Make-up; Peters Biscuit and Cracker Machinery; Fedco Bakery and Food Processing Equipment; and Peerless Gouet Industrial Baking Services.
Ginos Corporation
Also stocks show and meat cases. Supplier of bakery mixers, dividers and rack ovens for the restaurant and supermarket industry.
Kemper Bakery Systems, Inc.
German company specializing in mixers, bread plants and roll plants.
Dunbar Systems
Company is a sales, depositors, mixers, ovens, dough pumps, troughs , coolers, freezers, engineering and project management organization which specializes in designing and supplying complete bakery systems which consist of conveyors and serpentin.
Gemini Bakery Equipment Co.
Designer and provider of specialty bread and roll equipment and systems in North America.
Ayash Engineering, Inc.
Company manufactures dividers, rounders, and dough pumps for the bakery industry.
Erika Record
Manufacturing dividers/rounders for the bakery industry.
pro Bake Inc
Provides the following equipment: bagel equipment, revolving & convection ovens, oven racks, oven decks, pasta equipment
Horizon Food Equipment Company
Also specializing in specialty coffee and pasta equipment. Full service provider of commercial and industrial bakery, meat, and food preparation equipment.
Cummins Eagle, Inc.
Produce dividers, bread rounders, sifters, extrusion, dough pumps, dough flooring systems, sheeters, molders and panners. International manufacturer of equipment for the Baked food market.
Oliver Products Company
Produces bakery production and baggers/tying machines, convection ovens with steam injection, moulders, sheeters, rollers, dividers , dough make-up equipment, mixers, bread/bun slicers and accessories.
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